Nicorette Freshfruit Gum 2mg


Nicorette Freshfruit Gum 2mg

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Nicorette Freshfuit 2mg Gum is a tropical flavoured way to stop smoking. No longer do smoking cessation gums need to be chalky or have an odd flavour, Nicorette has cracked it with the Freshfruit flavour. The 2mg gum pieces are ideal for people that smoke up to 20 cigarettes per day to give them the relief of nicotine withdrawal symptoms you get from stopping smoking. Some people cut down on the amount of cigarettes they smoke or stop completely, and resort to Nicorette Freshfruit 2mg Gum to alleviate the cravings of smoking. Some people may need additional help to quit smoking from a doctor, support programme, pharmacist or a trained counsellor to guide them through this time.


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