Aquaint Sanitising Water


Aquaint Sanitising Water

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Aquaint Sanitising Water is an innovative sanitising liquid that effectively destroys bacterial to the extent of 99.9% in just seconds of application. Due to its swift and effective action it is used as a cleanser in various applications, including hand and body as well as those surfaces that a baby is likely to lick or touch with its mouth. A completely natural cleanser and sanitizer, it is ideal for disinfecting teethers, soothers as well as an assortment of feeding equipment and utensils. Though tough on bacteria, it is so gentle that it can be used even on new-borns as the active ingredient is actually Hypochlorous acid that is also produced naturally by the body to counter the action of germs and bacteria in the natural environment. The wonderful thing about the properties of Aquaint Sanitising Water is that it does not have a drying action on the skin nor does it irritate the skin surface as it does not any contain any alcohol and does not need to be rinsed or washed with soap after contact with the skin. In fact it is otherwise so completely harmless that it does not matter even if it is swallowed by babies or small children. The dermatologically-tested liquid is safe for using all over the house and the baby?s immediate environment due to its unique properties. Taking a bottle along when you step out of the house with the baby is a good idea as then you can always be safe that you can keep your baby safe from bacterial exposure quite easily.
Keep in a cool, dry and shaded place out of direct sunlight. Do not transfer the liquid into other containers for any reason. Use contents within three month of opening of the seal on the bottle. Do not use as a drinking water-substitute. Not intended for any medicinal use. May cause corrosion in objects containing aluminium and aluminium-alloys.
Hypochlorous Acid and water.
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