Diprobase Ointment Emollient


Diprobase Ointment Emollient

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Diprobase Ointment Emollient is effective in the treatment for eczema, dermatitis and many other dry skin diseases. Diprobase ointment soothes chapped, dry, red, inflamed or damaged skin. It protects raw skin and is very effective if applied before taking a bath. Diprobase is a moisturising, emollient, and protective ointment. The ointment is said to be highly moisturizing and it relieves dry skin conditions by providing a protective film of oil on the skin?s surface to prevent water loss and thus, restores the skin?s moisture content. It not only manages eczema but also, prevents flare-ups.

Strictly for external use. Be extra careful when using Diprobase Ointment in the shower or bath as the ointment can make things pretty slippery out there. The ointment contains paraffin so it is highly inflammable as such keep away from all potential fire sources including gas, cigarettes, stoves or electric fires while using this formulation. Clothing, towels, bed linen, bandages, dressings etc. that had been exposed to this ointment should be kept away from open flames as they could get ignited easily. It is better to change bedding as well as clothing on a regular basis and abstain from smoking to avert potential fire hazard. Avoid using it if allergic or sensitive to any of its constituents. Discontinue if symptoms worsen or if any allergic reaction.

Put a dab of ointment and then spread it smoothly as a thin coat on the affected areas and then massage thoroughly.

Liquid Paraffin and also, Soft Paraffin

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