Doublebase Gel


Doublebase Gel

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Doublebase Gel is used to treat dry skin or chapped skin that could also be red, sore and itchy. Typically these conditions are seen in ailments such as psoriasis, elderly pruritis, ichthyosis, eczema, dermatitis, etc. The gel can also be applied to prevent dryness of the skin arising out of use of soaps, fragrances, and foaming additives. The gel can be applied on the skin of both adults as well as children, including babies. Doublebase Gel moisturises, softens and protects the skin by trapping moisture and re-establishing the skin?s normal protective role.

Doublebase Gel is intended to be applied externally only. Do not use if you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients, including isopropyl myristate. Avoid any contact with eyes. Exercise care when using the gel in the shower or the bath as the product is slippery and can result in falls.

For best results, the gel should be applied as frequently as required. Unlock the bottle by turning the pump dispenser top in an anti-clockwise direction. Smoothen the gel across the surface of the skin, in the direction same as the growth of the hair. Do not rub the gel in vigorously. Should be used after before or after taking a bath or after you have done washing. Do not apply any other medication on the same skin surface or if this cannot be prevented then allow sufficient time for the previous medication to be fully absorbed before the next application.

Isopropyl myristate in a base of liquid paraffin

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