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Benefiber is a dietary supplement that adds fibre to your regular meals. It is a taste-free, non-thickening powder that does not alter the taste of your food or beverage. You can add it to almost any type of food and increase your daily fibre intake.

The dietary fibre should not be mixed with any carbonated beverage. Do not store the powder above 300C. Always keep the bottle tightly capped and store the powder in its original container. Once open, consume within six months. Keep away from the reach of children. Do not use in pregnant women or in children without medical consultation. Never exceed the standard dose or consume the powder beyond the expiry day. This powder is a dietary supplement. It should never be considered as a replacement for actual meals.

The standard dose is two teaspoonfuls of the dietary fibre stirred into at least 120ml ? 240 ml of water or any suitable beverage (cold or hot) or suitably soft food. The dose should be repeated twice daily for best results. Reduce the dose to half for the first week in case you experience any abdominal discomfort after taking this formulation. Always stir well till dissolved thoroughly and drink plenty of water throughout the day (at least eight glasses per day).

Benefiber contains 100% Wheat Dextrin as the prime ingredient.

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