Biotene Oral Balance Saliva Replacement Gel


Biotene Oral Balance Saliva Replacement Gel

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Biotene Oral Balance Saliva Replacement Gel is an extremely gentle, light and easy-to-use gel that is especially formulated to deliver relief to those suffering from dry mouth. The gel not only provides enduring dry mouth relief but actively protects against the ailment and maintains the natural oral environment. The pleasant-tasting gel also soothes and affords protection to sensitive oral tissues from burning sensations and minor irritation. The patented formulation assists the natural anti-bacterial abilities of the mouth helping it to neutralise unpleasant tastes and odours. The gel also is helpful in keeping the mouth lubricated so that users do not experience difficulty in swallowing.

For only oral use. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients or egg white and milk. Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

The pleasant-tasting gel can be used as often as required, and should be especially applied before bedtime. Squeeze out 1-2 cm of the gel on to the tongue and spread all over the inside of the mouth throughly. If you use dentures, then you can apply the gel under them before insertion.

Lactoperoxidase (12,000 units), Lactoferrin (12mg), Glucose Oxidase ( 12,000 units), Lysozyme (12mg)

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