Calpol Infant Suspension Original


Calpol Infant Suspension Original

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Calpol Infant Suspension Original is used to give infants above the age of 2 months quick relief from fever arising out of immunisation, and cold and influenza. It also provides effective relief to babies suffering from headaches, earaches, sore throats and teething aches. The oral medicine gives relief in just 15 minutes yet remains gentle on the stomach. Infants find the strawberry flavour palatable.

The suspension should not be administered with any other medicine containing paracetamol to prevent overdosing. In case of any accidental overdosing seek immediate advice of a doctor, even though the baby may seem to be well. Consult your medical practitioner if the symptoms persist for more than 3 days. Keep out of reach and sight of children,

Administer orally using the spoon provided with the medicine pack. Shake the bottle thoroughly before opening. Do not overdose. Give 2.5 ml to 2-3 month old babies with post-vaccination fever. Repeat when required with an interval of minimum 4 hours. For 2-3 month babies suffering from other aches give 2.5 ml if the pregnancy lasted for more than 37 weeks and the body weight is more than 4 kg. Repeat dose with a minimum interval of 4 hours if necessary. Babies between 3-6 months can be given 2.5 ml, those between 6-24 months can be given 5 ml, those between 2-4 years can take 7.5 ml and those in the 4-6 year age group can be given 10 ml. Not more than four doses can be given to these age groups per day leaving at least four hour interval between doses.

Each 5 ml contains Paracetamol 120mg along with Malitol, E218, E214, E420, E216, and E122.

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