Cow & Gate Stage 1 Fruity Muesli Jar 6m+


Cow & Gate Stage 1 Fruity Muesli Jar 6m+

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Cow & Gate Stage 1-Fruity Muesli Jar 6m+ is one of the best nutritional products for your child, thanks to its high nutritional content, no added sugar or preservatives, milk, eggs or lactose, and it?s fantastic taste thanks to milled oats combined with pureed bananas and apples. This makes it suitable for vegetarians as well.

Do not use a metal spoon for feeding this to your child. Go through the ingredients and nutritional content section on the jar, and check thoroughly whether the baby is allergic to any of the constituents. Do not freeze. Do not use after expiration date. Although efforts are made to update the statistics, the manufacturers are always trying to improve the product and hence the constituents and their proportion on the label change from time to time as well. Even if you regularly purchase the product, go through the label before use.

Use a clean plastic spoon to stir the mixture well, and then serve. Can be stored in a fridge for up to 48 hours. Clean the baby?s teeth regularly. Although no artificial colours are used, the natural ingredients may cause staining which must be cleaned.

2% Oat Flakes, Baby-Grade Fruits (77%) ? Banana (20%) and Apple (57%), Wheat Starch, Vitamin C, Apple Juice from Concentrate.

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