Cow & Gate Stage 1 Egg Custard Jar 4-6m


Cow & Gate Stage 1 Egg Custard Jar 4-6m

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Cow & Gate Stage 1-Egg Custard Jar 4-6M is a delicious egg and milk custard blended with rice and nutmeg. This preparation is designed keeping your baby?s complete care in mind. It has baby-grade constituents. This is a delicious treat for your baby and you can rest assured about its quality and nutritive value. This is a Gluten-free preparation. The product is known to have absolutely no preservatives and no added salt. The nourishing recipe also, has no artificial colours and is perfectly sterilized and safe for your baby?s consumption.
Always check the expiry date on the lid before using the product. The unheated leftover contents of the jar may be kept in the fridge for a maximum of 48 hours after opening the jar. Do not freeze. However, if you have been feeding the baby directly from the jar, it is best to discard the unused portion. Not recommended for infants below 4 months of age. A Safety Button has been provided on the lid, you should not use the contents if lid is raised.
You must take extra care of hygiene while feeding your baby. Always use a clean plastic spoon and a clean bowl for serving. You may heat before serving by standing the jar in a bowl containing hot water. Extra caution should be exercised if microwaving as food may get burned. It is prudent to follow instructions provided in the microwave manual. Once warmed up you may stir the contents well and scoop out a portion and serve in a bowl. You may now feed your baby. Though the preparation is absolutely free from artificial colours, there could be some natural ingredients that may cause staining. In order to maintain dental hygiene and good oral health, clean baby?s teeth regularly and definitely before bedtime.
Egg (3%), Full Cream Milk (30%), Skimmed Milk (30%), Sugar, Rice (29%), Water, Nutmeg (0.1%)
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