Cow & Gate Stage 2 Cheesy Vegetable Lasagna 7m+


Cow & Gate Stage 2 Cheesy Vegetable Lasagna 7m+

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Cow & Gate Stage 2-Cheesy Vegetable Lasagna 7m+ is excellent for babies aged seven months and above. This delicious meal is made from baby grade ingredients and contains no artificial flavours, colours, added salt or eggs. Suitable for vegetarians, the meal is a wonderful way for your baby to explore new flavours and textures in semi-solid food.
Never use any metal spoon to stir the meal. Do not store any meal once it has been heated. Always read all product specifications and labels carefully before use. Do not use in case the safety button on the cap is raised. Do not freeze the unheated meal while storing.
Before using, always stir the meal with a plastic spoon. Take out adequate portion in a clean bowl and serve to your baby. You may heat the meal by allowing the bowl to stand in hot water for a few minutes or by microwaving it. Any unheated meal left in the jar can be stored in the refrigerator for about forty eight hours.
Cow & Gate Stage 2-Cheesy Vegatable Lasagne 7m+ contains Baby-Grade Vegetables 53% (Tomato, Courgette 9%, Aubergine 9%, Onion, Red Pepper and Green Pepper), Pasta 18% (made from Durum Wheat and Egg Albumen), Cream, Full Cream Milk, Rice, Tapioca Starch, Gouda Cheese (3%), Basil and Nutmeg.
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