Cow & Gate Stage 2 Yummy Harvest Chicken Jar 7m+


Cow & Gate Stage 2 Yummy Harvest Chicken Jar 7m+

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Cow & Gate Stage 2-Yummy Harvest Chicken Jar 7m+ is an excellent way for your baby to begin a semi solid diet. This tasty meal contains the best of baby grade ingredients and is free from any artificial colours, flavours, eggs, lactose or gluten. Suitable for vegetarians, the meal provides your baby with all the essential minerals and vitamins required for healthy growth and development.

Use the pack within the expiry date printed on the label and do not use in case the safety button on the cap looks bloated. While storing, do not freeze the unheated meal. Do not use a metal spoon to stir the meal. Always discard any remaining food once it has been heated.

Before serving, always stir the contents within the jar with a clean plastic spoon. Take out the required portion in a clean bowl and serve. If required, you can heat the meal by letting the bowl stand in hot water for a few minutes. You may even microwave it if convenient. Store the unused meal in your refrigerator for up to forty eight hours.

Cow & Gate Stage 2-Yummy Harvest Chicken Jar 7m+ contains Baby-Grade Vegetables 40% (Carrot, Potato, Onion and Tomato), Chicken (10%), Cooking Water, Wheat Starch (Gluten Free), Apple Juice Concentrate 5%, Parsley (1%) and Rapeseed Oil.

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