Dioralyte Relief Raspberry Sachet


Dioralyte Relief Raspberry Sachet

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Dioralyte Relief Raspberry Sachet is effective in correcting or compensating electrolyte and fluid loss in adults, children and even in infants, who are at least 3 months old or above. It helps to manage watery diarrhoea and helps resume normal motions. It contains essential salts and precooked rice powder and when mixed with water and administered, this solution is able to replace the lost body salts and water, due to watery diarrhoea. The raspberry flavour is quite appealing to children and adults too.

You must read all directions and safety information provided in the enclosed leaflet carefully before you start using the product. Keep Dioralyte Relief Raspberry Sachet away from children?s reach. Always consult a pharmacist or your doctor in case you have diabetes, intestinal obstruction, liver or kidney failure, or if you are on any low sodium or potassium diet. You must compulsorily take infants below 2 years of age to a doctor if suffering from Diarrhoea.

You should take a glass of drinking water and dissolve one Dioralyte sachet?s contents in 200ml of fresh and pure drinking water while you should use only freshly boiled and cooled water for the infants. It is advisable to prepare the solution just before use. You may keep it refrigerated and it can then be used for maximum 24 hours. However, under normal conditions, the solution should actually be discarded after 1 hour has passed since reconstitution. Follow instructions carefully as greater or lesser dilution may lead to electrolyte imbalance. Adults and even children are recommended one or two sachets after every time you pass the watery stool, with a maximum of 5 sachets daily for three to four days. However, infants who are 3 months old to one year old should be given this solution strictly under medical supervision. If the issue is not alleviating within maximum 48 hours, it is best to consult a doctor. When diarrhoea is accompanied by vomiting, it is recommended that you take small sips of water quite frequently.

Sodium citrate (580mg), Potassium chloride (300mg), Sodium chloride (350mg) and also, some pre-cooked Rice Powder (6g).

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