Farleys Heinz Breakfast Creamy Oat Porridge


Farleys Heinz Breakfast Creamy Oat Porridge

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Farleys Heinz Breakfast Creamy Oat Porridge is a smooth and creamy porridge which is just excellent for your baby to start the day. This breakfast cereal contains the choicest baby grade ingredients and is free from all artificial additives, flavours, salt and eggs. It provides your baby with all the key vitamins and minerals essential for healthy growth and also pro-biotics that promote healthy digestion.

Always read all instructions and package labels carefully before use. Store the pack in a cool and dry place away from the reach of children. Always use the contents inside within six months of opening the pack. Remember to check the temperature of the prepared meal before serving it to your baby.

The formulation is excellent for babies aged four months and above as part of their varied weaning diet. To prepare, just add one spoon of the cereal to three spoons of previously boiled lukewarm water and stir. Let the formulation stand for a few minutes before serving. You can always prepare this formulation according to the quantity and texture required by your baby.

Farleys Heinz Breakfast Creamy Oat Porridge contains Oat Flour 40%, Skimmed Milk Powder (15%), Maltodextrin, Palm Oil, Sugar, Milk Protein, Whole Milk Powder (4%), Barley Malt Extract, Prebiotic Fibre (Inulin), Vitamin C, Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin E, Niacin, Zinc Sulphate, Riboflavin, Iron, Thiamin, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D.

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