Shaker Mixmaster - 700 ml


Shaker Mixmaster - 700 ml

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Shaker Mixmaster is an excellent shaker that should be an integral part of your sports or training kit. When mixing your nutritional supplements, it is essential to use a good quality shaker so that the ingredients combine perfectly into a smooth drink without any irritating lumps. This shaker is designed in such a manner that makes preparing and drinking your sports supplements easy and real quick. It has an inbuilt mesh grill that prevents any lumps from entering your mouth and the screw-top lid ensures minimum leakage so that you can just drink from the shaker without the risk of spills or leaks. The shaker is large enough to hold 700ml of liquid and has measurements etched on to the sides for user convenience. It also flaunts a large spout for easy drinking and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Do not use the shaker to carry liquid over long distances.

To use, pour the required amount of the liquid into the shaker using the scale etched on the side for perfect measurement. Add powder, screw on the lid tightly, shake thoroughly and consume the drink prepared immediately. Always pour in the liquid first and then add the powder so as to make a really smooth blend.

Shaker Mixmaster is moulded out of heavy duty, food grade plastic.

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