Deep Heat Patch for Back Pain


Deep Heat Patch for Back Pain

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Deep Heat Patch uses a non-medicated heat treatment as a therapy to provide soothing relief in pain due to sore muscles, overstretched tissues, lumbago, sciatica and fibrositis.

Never use the patch on broken or inflamed skin. Do not bandage the affected area once the patch has been applied. Only one patch should be used on a particular area within twenty four hours. Do not cut or tear the patch or attempt to reheat it in the oven. Do not use on children or the infirm who cannot remove the patch on their own. Do remember that heat patches can burn the skin so remove immediately whenever the patch feels too hot for comfort.

The patches are air activated and for single use only. To use, open the plastic packet and remove the covering film. Apply patch on affected part of your back and let it stay till pain subsides. The patch is highly effective and will heat up within five minutes and stay warm for up to eight hours at a stretch. To remove, just peel off the patch slowly. Always apply patch on clean and dry skin. In case of the elderly, you may apply the patch over a protective layer of clothing to prevent skin burn or irritation.

The patch contains natural capsaicin 0.025% as the active ingredient.

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