Deep Heat Rub


Deep Heat Rub

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Deep Heat Rub is an emulsion cream that is used to provide symptomatic relief in different types of muscular pain such as lumbago, rheumatic pain, backache, sprains, bruises, sciatica and chilblains. The active ingredients methyl salicylate and menthol work together to warm the skin which reduces pain and then causes a cooling sensation that provides further relief.

Never apply the formulation on dry / damaged / inflamed / injured skin. Always avoid contact with eyes or other sensitive areas such as the lips, mouth, nostrils or genitals. Discontinue use if the symptoms persist or worsen even after continuous use for some days. Although the formulation is well-tolerated, some people might experience some minor reactions such as skin itchiness or irritation. The formulation is for external use only.

Apply a thin layer of Deep Heat Rub on the affected area and rub in gently till the entire applied cream has been thoroughly absorbed. Apply at least three or four times in a day till pain subsides or as directed by your physician. If applied on the hands, wait for half an hour after application and then wash your hand thoroughly before touching anything else. Do not bandage after application. The formulation is not recommended for children below five years of age.

The prime ingredients in the formulation is Eucalyptus oil 1.97% w/w, Turpentine oil 1.47 % w/w, Methyl salicylate 12.8% w/w and Menthol 5.91% w/w.

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