Deep Heat Well Patch


Deep Heat Well Patch

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Deep Heat Well Patch is recommended for effective treatment of muscular pains and aches, joint stiffness, sprains and strains. It also provides excellent comfort in menstrual cramps. The patch works well because applying heat to the muscles and joints of the body is extremely beneficial for the treatment of injury or inflammation.

Always read the product manual and label thoroughly before use. Do remember that heat patches can cause burns or blisters so discontinue use whenever you are uncomfortable or the patch feels too hot. Consult your doctor before using the patches if you are diabetic, have neural ailments or are pregnant. Do not use the patch while asleep or on children or people who cannot remove such patches on their own. Do not open the pack till ready to use and dispose off with normal domestic waste after use. The patches are for external use only and are air activated.

Always use on clean and dry skin. Never use on broken or damaged skin or on your face. Never bandage over patches. You should use only one patch on a particular area within twenty four hours. Each patch is for single use only so do not cut or tear it. Open the packet, remove the covering film from the patch and apply to affected area. The patch heats up within five minutes and provides comfort for up to eight hours.

The patch contains natural capsaicin 0.025% as the active ingredient.

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