Deep Relief Gel


Deep Relief Gel

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Deep Relief Gel is recommended for the treatment of different types of pain. It is extremely effective in combating and reducing excruciating pain caused by sports injuries, rheumatic conditions, muscular stiffness or pull, strains, sprains and so on.

The gel is for topical application only and should never be ingested. Always read the product manual thoroughly so as to ensure the best and safest treatment for yourself. Do not use the product if you are sensitive to any of its major or minor ingredients. The formulation is not recommended for children below the age of twelve years, for asthmatic and those who are allergic to aspirin. It is contraindicated in pregnant women or those who are nursing.

The gel can be used both by adult and the elderly. Apply sufficient quantity of the gel on the affected area till the entire formulation has been absorbed by the skin. Avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive areas such as the mouth, lips or genitals or on inflamed or broken skin. Apply twice or thrice or as advised by your physician. Always replace the cap correctly after each use and wash hands thoroughly (unless the hands are the affected areas to be treated).

Deep Relief is a clear gel that contains two active analgesics i.e. Levomenthol 3% w/w and Ibuprofen 5% w/w. Other ingredients in the formulation include disisopropanolamine, ethanol, propylene glycol, carbomers and purified water.

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