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Gillette Venus Blades are blades meant for women. These razors are especially designed to help women shave their legs and hands or other areas of the body easily. The blades can be bought as refills and used regularly on a daily basis before being disposed of. There are several different types of Gillette Venus Razors and blades.

If you are using the Gillette Venus blades for the first time, ensure that you learn how to use it on your legs and hands from someone. It is easy to cut yourself when using it the first few times, so be careful. Do not over use the razor on any part of the body. There is a particular way to allow the razor to move over the skin so as to limit cuts and in-growths of the hair. Use adequate base creams and moisturizers before shaving your skin.

Put the blade in the razor and move it against the hair growth. Use it once in the day and few times in the week. Consult a dermatologist if you feel the need to use it every day to understand what other precautions should be taken.

The blades come as refills or can be bought new to go with the Gillette Razor.

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