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Gillette Venus For Women Razor is the original women?s razor. Tt is the most perfect three blade razor system for optimum shaving experience whenever you need to look your best. With just one stroke of this wonderful product, you can get an incredibly close shave around all your curves; especially those hard to reach areas. Gillette Venus For Women Razor has been designed to make each shaving experience smooth, safe and thoroughly enjoyable. The three blades are surrounded by soft cushions that gently stretch your skin while shaving and also protect against accidental nicks or cuts. The spherical pivoting head of the razor fits snuggly into all your curves, especially around the armpits and bikini line. The razor also comes with an exclusive Lubrastrip that contains aloe extracts and vitamin E so that the blades just slide along your skin, making each motion smoother and safer. The active ingredients also keep your delicate skin hydrated and prevent post-shaving dryness. Gillette Venus For Women Razor pack is presented in a unique shower storage system for easy access so that you can always shave in complete privacy. The pack contains one razor and two cartridges for maximum convenience. You can buy the cartridges separately and store them along with the pack which can hold up to four cartridges at a time. Remember to change your cartridge once the blue colour of the Lubrastrip fades away or the blades feel quite dull.

When using new blades, be gentle and slow. New blades are sharper and if you do not shave slowly you may experience cuts. When shaving for the first time, seek assistance from someone or learn the procedure well. You must shave slowly against the hair growth so as to get effective results. Do not shave more than once a day. If you suffer from skin reactions after using the blades consult a dermatologist. Always use adequate base moisturisers or creams when shaving for better effects.

Put the blade in the razor and move it against the hair growth. Use it once in the day and few times in the week. Consult a dermatologist if you feel the need to use it every day to understand what other precautions should be taken.

The blades come as refills or can be bought new to go with the Gillette Razor.

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