Glycerin Infants Suppositories (Care)


Glycerin Infants Suppositories (Care)

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Glycerin Infants Suppositories are Glycerin based suppositories to be used for the treatment of occasional constipation in infants. Sometimes, infants tend to have problems when squeezing out a stool while they are still being toilet trained. The suppository helps soften the bowel movement and provides the infant relief.

You should be careful when using the suppository on your infant. Ask the doctor how to use it before using it the first time. Insert it gently into the rectum and keep it in for a few minutes before removing it. This will allow the Glycerin based medicine to be released adequately. Do not use suppositories on infants on a regular basis. If your infant suffers from constipation often, then you may need to evaluate the food you feed him. Ensure that the baby is cleaned well after using the suppository.

You must insert a single suppository in the rectum of the infant for a few minutes. Read the label carefully for better understanding the procedure. Use a single suppository at a time and do not use them too frequently. You must be gentle so as not to hurt the infant when inserting it.

The main ingredient includes Purified Water and Glycerin.

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