Glycerin Suppositories (Care)


Glycerin Suppositories (Care)

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Glycerin Suppositories are recommended for providing occasional relief from constipation. It contains glycerol which is a mild irritant and works by stimulating the bowel evacuation and restoring gut motility.

Do remember that suppositories are only a short-term solution to the problem of chronic constipation. Do seek medical advice in case you remain constipated even after three days of using the formulation. Do not use the product if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. Pregnant women or those who are lactating should not use this formulation without medical advice. Discontinue use and talk to your physician immediately in case you experience abdominal pain or any other discomfort. Always read the product manual thoroughly before use.

Glycerin Suppositories are for application through the anal route only. You must insert only one suppository when required and will have to wait for twenty minutes for the medicine to work. To use, remove the covering film and moisten the tip of the suppository with water. Next, lie on your side and gently insert the suppository up your rectum using your fingers. Lie still while the medicine works. Do remember to wash your hands thoroughly later on.

The suppositories contain Glycerol 2.8g, Purified Water and Gelatin as the ingredients.

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