Huggies Little Swimmers 2-3yrs


Huggies Little Swimmers 2-3yrs

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Huggies Little Swimmers 2-3yrs have been specially developed for babies to wear when they venture into the swimming pool. They have a material that has special absorbent properties that ensures that they do not swell up upon contact with water like normal nappies. These special nappies are manufactured from a tough high-quality material that does not break down like normal nappies and create a disintegrated sludge that can spoil the filtration system in pools. The unique design incorporates easy-to-open-and-close sides that make changing them extremely simple and convenient. The specially-designed leak guards effectively arrest leaks around the legs keeping the swimming pool water more hygienic for users as well as protecting the baby from accidents. Huggies Little Swimmers makes it easy for parents to change nappies as they incorporate a black coloured label that distinguishes the front from the back, and also sides that can be torn away. The best thing about them is that babies will enjoy using them like swimsuits as they all sport fun and colourful Disney character designs.
Do not reuse swim diapers even if the child has made no contact with water as the elasticity of the cuffs on the legs and the waistband get affected when used once making it less effective in stopping urine and faecal matter from leaking. It is advisable to wait till the child enters the pool before putting on the swim nappy. Do not treat the swim diaper as an ordinary all day nappy but change frequently to ensure prevention of accidents. Do not use and allow a child entry into the pool if suffering from diarrhoea. Ensure that the child takes frequent breaks to use the bathroom and not rely upon the swim nappy for protection. Wash hand thoroughly after changing the child or using the restroom.
Wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Set up a clean area for the nappy changing. Preferably use a changing table that can keep the baby strapped in. Place the back half of a fresh swim diaper under the baby. Ensure that the top of the diaper back reaches the waist of the baby. Pull up the diaper front half up to the baby?s stomach. For baby boys point down the penis to ensure he pees in the diaper not over it. Spread wide the diaper part between the legs of the baby to make it comfortable and to avoid chafing by bunching. Fasten snugly the diaper with the tabs provided on both sides. If the baby has pooped then be sure to clean the baby with wipes and warm water before putting on a fresh diaper. May be worn under a swimsuit, if preferred.
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