Hydromol Ointment


Hydromol Ointment

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Hydromol ointment is specially formulated to help soothe dry skin conditions. It can be used to prevent dry skin too. It acts as a moisturiser and retains the skin?s moisture balance. It can be used to treat itchy, cracked and scaly skin too. These symptoms are all a result of dry skin. The ointment can also help prevent skin conditions like Eczema and Dermatitis.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding a new born baby avoid using the product without first consulting a doctor. Do not use the product along with other skin care products, it may cause a reaction. If you are prone to allergies from medications, avoid using the product without first testing it on a small area of the skin. This is a topical medicine only and is not to be ingested. If you accidentally ingest it, consult a doctor. Do not apply it on or near sensitive areas like the eyes.

Take a small quantity and apply it all over the body or on affected areas. Do not over use the product. Use it 2 ? 3 times a day or as required. Use it after a bath for lasting effects.

Some of the main active ingredients in the product include Yellow Soft Paraffin and Emulsifying Wax.

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