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Iglu Gel

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Iglu Gel is a unique tripel-action gel that provides prompt and effective relief in mouth ulcers. The medication also fights infection and acts as a protective covering on the ulcer to prevent it from spreading further.

Always read all labels and product manuals carefully before applying the gel. Do not use the formulation if you are sensitive to any of the major or minor ingredients. Pregnant and lactating women should use the gel only on medical advice. Avoid contact with eye; in case of accidental contact, wash eyes thoroughly for about fifteen minutes at a stretch. Discontinue use in case of any irritation such as itching or burning sensation inside the mouth.

The gel can be applied by all irrespective of age group. Always apply a little amount directly on the affected area with a cotton wool bud or finger. Reapply as often as necessary especially after taking any food or beverages. Do take care that the affected area inside your mouth is always covered with a thin layer of the gel. Generally, each application should last an hour unless you are eating / drinking something in-between.

Iglu Gel contains aminoacridine hydrochloride 0.05% w/w and lidocaine hydrochloride 0.66% w/w as the prime ingredients. It also contains white soft paraffin, peppermint oil, liquid paraffin, hydroxypropylcellulose and carbomer as excipients.

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