Kool N Soothe 8 Sheets


Kool N Soothe 8 Sheets

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Kool N Soothe Sheets provide prompt relief to children whenever they feel hot due to fever. To be placed on the forehead, the sheets provide soothing relief and maximum comfort to children.

Always read manufacturer?s instructions thoroughly before using this product so as to ensure maximum safety and efficacy. The product is not intended to be used as a substitute for regular medication or to bring down temperature due to fever. Check temperature frequently to verify fever in case the child is flushed or sweating profusely. Always consult a doctor in case high temperature persists or if the child develops rash or a headache. Talk to your physician immediately in case the child?s condition worsens or it develops further symptoms.

Fever Kool N Soothe Sheets require no further preparation. These can be used straight from the pack for prompt application and quick relief. To use, all you have to do is remove the transparent covering from the back of a gel sheet and place the sheet on the forehead. Discard the covering once removed. You can cut the sheets into any shape and size as required. The unused portion of the gel sheet should be stored in its foil pouch in order to prevent drying. The sheets can be used safely with any other medication your child is taking. Fever Kool N Soothe Sheets are designed to provide a cooling and soothing effect for up to eight hours.

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