Menopace Tablets - from Vitabiotics


Menopace Tablets - from Vitabiotics

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Menopace Tablet is specially formulated as a food supplement for women post menopause and also, effective for women who are experiencing menopause. It is the number one formula for menopausal women in the UK. This effective formula helps to enhance overall well-being in menopausal women. Among its 22 constituents, there are some vital co-factors effective in the natural synthesis of Gamma Linenic Acid (GLA). This helps regulate fluctuations in hormonal balance. Menopace can be used post menopause till you wish to continue. While you are on this one-a-day tablet enriched with minerals and vitamins, there is no need to have any extra multivitamins.
You are not supposed to have more than the daily recommended dose. Always replace lid securely for retaining potency and freshness. It is necessary to consult your doctor before consuming any mineral or vitamin supplement. These supplements should never be treated as a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet. Consult your doctor if you have a clinical history of food allergies.
One tablet once daily with any of the main meals. To be swallowed not chewed. Not to be had on empty stomach. You may take this supplement independently or in conjunction with Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT).
Biotin (0.03mg 20%RDA), Chromium GIF 50ug, Copper 1mg, Folacin (Folic Acid) 500ug 250%RDA, Iodine 225ug150%RDA, Iron (6mg 43%RDA),Magnesium (100mg 33%RDA), Manganese (0.5mg), Niacin (Vitamin B3) 20mg 111%RDA, P.A.B.A (25mg), Pantothenic Acid (30mg 500%RDA), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) (5mg 13 per cent RDA), Yeast-Free Selenium (100ug), Soy Isoflavone Extract (20mg),Vitamin B (Thiamine) 10mg 714%RDA, Vitamin A (2500 IU) 750ug 94% RDA, Vitamin B12 (9ug 900%RDA), Vitamin B6 (10mg 500%RDA), Vitamin C (45mg 75%RDA), Vitamin D (200 IU) 5ug 100% RDA Vitamin E (Natural Source) (30mg 300%RDA), Zinc (15mg 100%RDA), Providing: Genistein ((0.33mg), Glycetine (0.77mg), Diadzein (1.1 mg) .
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