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Sudocrem is the most effective formulation for the treatment of mainly diaper rash, chapped and dry skin conditions and minor skin infections and irritations. It works best to soothe inflamed and sore skin. This is a triple action cream that helps to soothe inflamed skin, heal affected skin and protect your babys skin from recurring skin irritations and diaper rashes. This is a complete care and management of skin rashes as it protects, relieves and treats mild to severe diaper rash. This is a highly effective water resistant preparation that helps to form a protecting coating that acts as a barrier and blocks all irritants including faeces and urine from direct contact with the skin. The cream contains one weak anaesthetic that eases irritation and pain. Sudocrem is said to be Hypo-allergenic, Steroid Free and Anti-Bacterial. Your babys skin requires a lot of care and special attention. Sudocrem is clinically proven to treat diaper rashes effectively.

This product is exclusively for external use only. Avoid any contact with your eyes. If the rash is persistent or if it worsens, you may consult a medical practitioner.

Apply Sudocrem? just before you are changing a diaper and putting on a fresh one. This helps to protect the delicate skin and treat whatever diaper rash effectively. Take a little amount on your finger tip and then gently massage it on to the baby?s affected skin using circular movements lightly. Do not rub the area if it looks sore. You should lightly massage till a really thin translucent coating or film is left behind. You may go on adding more cream as and when needed. Always read instructions on the label.

Sudocrem? is an emollient cream containing Zinc oxide (15.25%) as the medicinal constituent with Butylated Hydroxy Anisole (0.008%) and Sodium Benzoate (0.48%) as preservatives. It contains Lanolin (hypoallergenic), Benzyl Cinnamate and Benzyl Benzoate are known for healing qualities. Benzyl Alcohol is a weak anaesthetic that is an anti-bacterial agent and a disinfectant.

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