Calcichew D3 Forte Tablets 100


Calcichew D3 Forte Tablets 100

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Calcichew D3 Forte Tablets can treat and prevent Calcium and or Vitamin D deficiencies. They can also help with osteoporosis or be used as a supplement during pregnancy

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that helps transport calcium from your diet into the bone which fortifies and increases the density of bone all over.

Those who should consider this product:

-          Have low sunlight exposure (Darker regions of the world, indoors most of the time or covered head to toe due to clothing)

-          Over the age of  50, as the skin becomes thinner its ability produce Vitamin D may be reduced

-          Pregnant women

-          Those who are over weight

This is not recommended for children. Only use this product after seeking your doctors advice or a pharmacists advice. 

Suck one or two tablets a day. Ideally one in the morning and one in the evening.

• 400IU colecalciferol (equivalent to 10 micrograms vitamin D3)

• 1250mg calcium carbonate (equivalent to 500mg calcium)


Other exipients: sorbitol (E420), povidone, isomalt (E953), fatty acid mono- and diglycerides,
magnesium stearate, lemon flavour, aspartame (E951), sucrose, tocopherol, modified
maize starch, medium-chain triglycerides, sodium ascorbate and anhydrous colloidal silica

Calcichew D3 Forte Tablets 100 | 1 reviews
This product has really helped me through pregnancy. Highly recommend to any expecting mums!!

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