Is My Own Chemist for me?

Is getting a prescription arranged and collecting your medication from a pharmacy taking a lot of your time, every month?

Is this you?

  • Forgot to order your prescription
  • Always running out of medication
  • Busy lifestyle
  • Find it difficult to get out and about
  • Difficult to look for parking at your high street pharmacy
  • Waiting for a prescription to be dispensed

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Time is a rare thing and we understand you do not want to waste it every month for the same reason

How does it work?

If you have a prescription in your hand, you can register with us online or by phone, post us your prescription for free to Freepost MY OWN CHEMIST and get it delivered for free to any address.

If your surgery is EPS ready, simply register and give us consent to nominate My Own Chemist as your pharmacy, which allows us to electronically download your prescriptions from the NHS rather than you posting it to us.

Once we have received your prescription, either by you or your surgery, surgery we will dispense and deliver your medicine for free to your chosen address.

We can receive prescriptions directly from your GP and deliver your medication for free to your chosen address. We bring the pharmacy to your home. The time you gain back is precious and we understand this, so we try to provide every possible health associated product you would need. All your health & beauty requirements met at one location, delivered to your door.

What if I have a repeat?

You can continue to request your repeats at your surgery, or you can have us manage it for you, in which case we would request medication on your behalf monthly. This way you should not run out of medication and always have your medicine in time.

Note: Don’t worry you can always request medication mid-cycle for whatever reason. Simply call or email us saying what you want requested.

What is EPS?

Electronic prescription service

It is a safe and secure method for your GP surgeries to send prescriptions to a pharmacy electronically.

It replaces the need for surgeries to print out physical paper to give to you. You CAN nominate a pharmacy, which allows the GP to send an electronic prescription. It is not mandatory.

You can at any time go to your surgery and ask for a paper prescription for whatever reason: if you need something urgently, you are going away, or simply want to use another pharmacy for a period of time. It is important to note that you can always change your nomination of pharmacy to any of your choice, at any time.

If your GP practice is not enabled with EPS, you can still register with My Own Chemist or via your surgery, however they will not start using electronic prescriptions until EPS is enabled.

So in the interim, you would have to collect the physical prescription from your surgery and then send it in an envelope to ‘Freepost MY OWN CHEMIST’. The medication will be delivered to the choice of your address for no cost.

We and your surgery would inform you when the surgery has gone EPS live. In some cases, if your surgery is not EPS ready, they could send us your physical prescription directly to Freepost MY OWN CHEMIST, so you do not have to pick it up. This would be surgery dependent.

Is my surgery EPS ready?

All surgeries nationwide will be activating EPS. Currently 41% of surgeries nationwide are already active. You can call to ask us or your surgery directly on their status.

If your surgery has become EPS ready, then you do not have to send us a prescription by post. It will be sent automatically to us. If you wish to request something you can do so by email or phone, we can order it via your GP, dispense it and deliver it directly to you. So no need for you to do anything, simply register with us and let us know what you want ordered.

I do not have repeat medication, can I still use you?

Even if you do not have repeatable prescriptions, whenever you do have a prescription, we can deliver it to you. Simply register and post your prescription to Freepost MY OWN CHEMIST. If you have registered with our service already and your surgery has EPS ready, then we can get it from the NHS secure spine and deliver it to you.

For further information call our customer service team 0208 845 7390