NUK First Choice Bottle with White Screw Ring


NUK First Choice Bottle with White Screw Ring

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NUK First Choice Bottle with White Screw Ring was an attempt to create ideal feeding bottle, with ideas and advice from medical experts, midwives and mums worldwide. The Nuk First Choice Bottle is endowed with a clear cap, protective cover, clear cap and a screw ring. The Nuk First Choice bottle comes with child-friendly designs. The bottle is equipped with the most effective NUK Anti-Colic Air System that s known to minimize the undesirable swallowing of air, the most commonly known cause of colic. The Nuk First Choice Bottle with white screw ring is BPA free and made hygienically from polypropylene plastic. First Choice bottles come with an exceptionally wide neck that makes preparing a feed and cleaning the bottle afterwards much easier. The screw ring and the sealing disc together guarantee 100% leak-proof transport. This is a British Dental Health Foundation Approved bottle.

Avoid microwave sterilisation as this could result in material damage to the latex teats. Avoid placing NUK First Choice Bottle in the dishwasher as this could also, cause material damage. For safety and hygiene purposes, replace teats after one or maximum two months of use.

Clean the bottle and rinse thoroughly. Sterilise the bottle, teats and soothers by using steam or even cold water sterilisation.

1 x 300 ml Plastic Bottle 1x Lid 1 x Screw Ring 1 x Sealing Disc 1 x Latex Size 1 Anti-Colic Medium Feed Hole Teat Instruction Leaflet

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