Olbas for Children Inhalant


Olbas for Children Inhalant

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Olbas is a decongestant oil for children. It helps provide relief to children suffering from blocked nose. It is a gentle solution formulated to suit children as young as 3 months age. It is a mixture of natural plant oils that release soothing vapours to help children get relief from blocked nose, sinusitis, cold, flu and similar medical conditions.

This product is meant for inhalation purposes only and is not to be had. If consumed, seek medical intervention. The medicine is not meant for children below 3 months of age. If your child has suffered from allergies before, inform your doctor before using the medicine. Care should be taken that the medicine is not used too frequently

For children aged 3 months to 2 years, 4 drops would be the ideal dosage at a time. Put 4 drops on a tissue and hold it close to their nose for relief. For children aged 2 years and above, 8 to 10 drops at a time would be fine. The medicine can be used at night or with hot water. It is better to use it at night because the child can rest through the night after inhaling the medicine.

The main active ingredients oils from natural plants.

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