Pampers Progress Active Fit Carry Pack Unisex Size 4 (Maxi)


Pampers Progress Active Fit Carry Pack Unisex Size 4 (Maxi)

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Pampers Progress Active Fit Carry Pack Unisex Size 4 (Maxi) are supposed to be Pampers' best-fitting, ultra-soft and driest nappies. They provide 12 hours of comfort and dryness ensuring that your child can enjoy playing without any discomfort or undesirable interruptions. These nappies also have more stretchable sides as compared to the usual nappies. This ensures a perfect fit and adaptability whenever and whichever way, your child moves, turns, twists or bends. Pampers Progress Active Fit Carry Pack Unisex Size 4 (Maxi) offer nappies that guarantee 3-way fit that is, perfect fit around the legs, bottom and waist. There are soft but flexible leg cuffs for perfect mobility and absolute flexibility. The plus size range comes with enhanced absorption layer for extra protection.
Keep all packaging material out of reach of babies and small children to avoid the risk of strangulation or suffocation. Remove solid waste from the diaper and dump in the toilet to minimise the chances of bacterial infections and odour. Dispose used diapers responsibly. Do not flush. Wash hand thoroughly after handling used diapers. Do not leave baby unattended on a changing table\ or elevated surface.
Wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Set up a clean area for the nappy changing. Place the back half of a fresh diaper under the toddler. Ensure that the top of the diaper back reaches the waist of the child. Pull up the diaper front half up to the toddler?s stomach. For baby boys point down the penis to ensure he pees in the diaper not over it. Spread wide the diaper part between the legs of the baby to make it comfortable and to avoid chafing by bunching. Fasten snugly the diaper with the tabs provided on both sides. If the toddler has pooped then be sure to clean with wipes and warm water before putting on a fresh diaper.
The hygienic nappies are said to contain a balm having ingredients including Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Stearyl Alcohol, Petrolatum, Paraffinum Liquidum, CI 61565.
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