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Dental issues for most people can be excruciating and we are on-hand to give you the best treatment and cures for all of your teeth problems you may have. From teething babies to daily mouthwash to denture gel and toothache problems, we have it all.

Stop Smoking

Getting help to stop smoking is very important for all smokers as smoking causes so many issues, health problems and lifestyle implications. With the help of our online doctor you can gain advice, treatments and aids for quitting smoking. There are gums, mouth sprays, inhalators and stop smoking patches depending on what you prefer. The quit smoking treatments come with varied nicotine levels depending on how heavy of a smoker you are.

Eye Care

Itchy eyes, redness, or just for your eye health; it’s important to look after your eyes for now and the future. You may have allergies that set your eyes off or you may want to enhance your ocular health or rejuvenate your tired eyes. Whatever you may need, you’ll find it in our eye care range.

Nasal Sprays

Nose problems or nasal issues can be solved with nasal sprays. Whether you have allergic reactions to pet, dust mites, seasonal afflictions such as hayfever or any allergies then you can often feel relief with a nasal spray. Blocked noses, cold and flu congestion and other problems with the breathing from you nose can quickly and easily be remedied in our nasal spray section.

Cold & Flu

Bouts of cold and flu come at all times of the year, but often more-so in the colder, autumn and winter seasons. Blocked or running nose, congestion, a cough, and sinus blockages all give you that run down feeling that needs assistance to relieve the tension of a cold and flu. Medicines are readily available giving you quick and lasting relief from the problem.

Headache and Migraine

Migraines and headaches can be debilitating without effective medicine. There are many headache and migraine remedies that you can use from a warm drink to tablets and even an ointment that you rub into the skin. All of which are effective in releasing that tension and frustrating pain of head aches.

Sore Throats and Mouth Issues

Sore throats are a terrible illness to suffer from. Dry, tickly coughs or crackling coughs with phlegm can really make you unwell. Not only can the coughing give you a headache but you can lose your voice and need something cool, soothing or warm and calming to quench your pain. Mouth issues can by anything from needing lozenges to ease the sharp pain as well as being antiseptic and gels and liquids to give symptomatic relief to those mouth pains.

Muscular Pain

Muscular pain affects millions of people and don’t worry, there are solutions! There are a range of heat packs, patches, supports, tablets, sprays and pain relieving rubs that can help ease your pain. Whether it’s back pain or leg pain, we have a cure for your symptoms.

Feminine Care

Feminine care is something ladies require often. Sanitary towels, tampons; feminine hygiene is important to feel safe and secure, and have discreet products. We have a wide range of feminine hygiene products to take a look at and buying in bulk often helps drive down the price.

Bowels & Stomach

Your bowels and stomach are complicated parts of your body and often slight problems can cause severe pain. With a range of medicines, powders, and drinks that are good for intestinal health, you can find an array of products that suit your needs. Whether you have pain or discomfort in your stomach or want to increase your bowel and stomach health, then we have a wide variety of goods on offer.


Feeling sick is a horrible feeling. With soft, chewable tablets, syrup and liquid medicines to help nausea, you can beat that nasty feeling easily. It can ruin your day, it could be something you’ve eaten or come into contact with, but it’s your body’s way of rejecting whatever it is. If you suffer from symptoms such as this, then take a look at our nausea range.

Indigestion & Heartburn

Indigestion and heartburn can be cured with an acid indigestion drink such as Gaviscon. There are many products available, that help ease, soothe and quench that burning sensation in your chest and stomach. That rising feeling in the tummy coupled with an awful pain can stop you in your tracks unless you use a heartburn cure.

Thrush and Skin Conditions

Thrush is an intimate condition that can be solved with creams and pills. The symptoms of thrush are sore, itchy, and redness in the genitalia region. It can spread to the legs and can be often embarrassing. It is quite easily remedied with good thrush cream. Other skin conditions can also be fixed with hydro cortisone cream and other associated skin problem creams.

Foot Care

Your feet take a pounding, day-in day-out. They are subjected to high forces, hot, damp environments and do eventually give up. Your skin can go hard and crack, which needs cream to moisturise and ease any pain associated with cracked heels. You may get athlete’s foot and need an anti-fungal gel or spray, and we have everything you could wish for to keep your feet in tip-top condition.


Whether its nits and hair lice, or you have started to go bald, there are shampoos and hair treatments for your scalp that can help get rid of nits or encourage the hair follicles to grow and flourish. Anti-dandruff shampoo is a popular product for those that don’t want to have white flakes on their shoulders and itchy, flaky scalps. Check out the full range of scalp related products.

First Aid

Having a first aid kit box is of paramount importance for every household, and it’s not just the box or medicine cabinet you need, it needs to be filled with important and useful medicines. From clear skin, ankle and joint supports, diarrhoea replacement salts and antiseptic creams, these are just a few things that are good to have at home and to hand should you need them.

Bites and Stings

Insect bites and stings from bees or wasps can be really uncomfortable and often painful. They need quick attention with a cream, spray, lotion of tablets. They are similar to hayfever tablets which are often seasonal and cause sinus relief, itchiness relief and pain subsidence.

Allergies & Seasonal

Seasonal allergies such as hay fever or dust mite allergies or even pet allergies can be helped and solved with similar products. Anti-histamines are usually a great place to start for help with the symptomatic relief of the associated problems of allergic reactions to pets, dust or pollen.


In our Others category, we have dispersible Asprin, motion or car sickness tablets, anti-histamines and hair loss products. It’s where everything else is if it’s not in the above categories. If you require pharmaceutical assistance then take a look here or search in the box above, or contact our online doctor for more information.

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