Covonia Double Action Lozenges Berry Blast


Covonia Double Action Lozenges Berry Blast

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Covonia Double Action Cough Lozenges are handmade cough lozenges with double action properties, specially formulated to soothe your throat or mouth and to unblock the airways. These cough lozenges are Berry Blast flavoured and are specially formulated in two differently coloured halves. The Brown half is said to contain a warming flavour to soothe your throat and mouth while the White half is effective in clearing or unblocking airways. Together the two halves make a super-hit combination for soothing your sore throat and clearing your blocked sinuses. Suck the lozenge and do not chew or swallow it. It dissolves gradually in your mouth giving you the desired relief from cough and cold. It at once stops the cough, though temporarily and is very effective in lubricating and soothing the irritated throat tissues. Covonia Double Action Lozenges Berry Blast are said to be hand-made the conventional way in Yorkshire.

Covonia Double Action Lozenges Berry Blast contains Sulphites and may sometimes have traces of milk. Those with known Sulphite Intolerance should avoid this formulation. Store this in a cool and dry place below 25C.

Suck the lozenge and do not swallow or chew it. It soothes your mouth a well as the throat.

Covonia Double Action Lozenges are composed of ingredients such as Citric Acid, Sugar, SyrupMenthol Crystals, Glucose Squill Extract, Colour E150a, and Flavourings.

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