Optrex Eye Wash With Eye Bath


Optrex Eye Wash With Eye Bath

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Optrex Eye Wash with Eye Bath is recommended for providing relief to dry, irritated or tired eye. It can be used every day by the elderly, adults and children.

Always read all product manual and instructions thoroughly before using this medication. Speak to your doctor in case you experience any irritation or pain or inflammation in the eyes after using the solution. Don?t use the formulation while you are wearing contact lenses or just before wearing them. Discard any medication left after three months of opening the bottle.

The product comes with an eye bath for convenient application. To use, pour the Eye Wash solution into the bath till it is one-third full. Bend your head and hold the eye bath against your eye is such a manner that there is no gap between your eye and the eye bath. Raise your head slowly while keeping the eye open so that the Wash flows into your eyes. Blink rapidly for at least thirty seconds so that the Wash can spread inside the eye evenly. Always discard unused solution remaining in the eye bath. In case the bath is being used by more than one person, always sterilize it first by immersing it in boiling water before use.

The prime ingredients in Optrex Eye Wash are Benzalkonium Chloride, Witch hazel, Sodium borate, Boric acid, Alcohol and Sterile water.

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