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Care Clove Oil

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Care Clove Oil is a temporary but fast relief from toothaches. If you have a severe toothache and looking for instant relief you may use Care clove Oil by rubbing it along your gums. You would see the magic but it is a temporary relief and you must keep in mind that all dental problems especially, toothache should be referred to a qualified dentist. Though clove oil is pretty effective in relieving the pain, you must use it with caution and always in a diluted form. Care Clove Oil has analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial, and even local anesthetic properties. This is an all-natural preparation and is highly effective in relieving pain and keeping your mouth healthy.

Avoid using Care Clove Oil if you are known to be allergic to Eugenol or Clove Oil. If your blood has clotting problems, you should not use this medicine. If you are suffering from gum diseases or if you have damaged gums, you should not use this product. Keep clove oil safely away from children. Read the labels and leaflets carefully especially, the instructions and safety information before using the product. Consult your doctor before using clove oil if you are pregnant or nursing.

Dab a little amount onto cotton wool and place it on the painful tooth. Use with caution in case of children below two years of age.

The active ingredient is Orajel, also, referred to as Eugenol. It is actually derived from the leaf, stem and bud of the clove plant.

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