Panadol Extra Soluble Tablets


Panadol Extra Soluble Tablets

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Panadol Extra Soluble Tablets are effective pain-relievers that are used for fast relief in case of headaches, rheumatic pain, toothache, sore throats, feverishness, backache, period pain, migraine, and pain and aches related to cold and flu. These tablets are also, recommended for reducing temperature effectively and rapidly. These are known for their fast action compared to other standard paracetamol. Panadol Extra Soluble Tablets are also, known to be more penetrative and get absorbed faster into the bloodstream than any other standard paracetamol tablets. These tablets are composed of two active ingredients. First ingredient is Paracetamol, an effective painkiller that brings down body temperature in case of fever. Second one is Caffeine that is said to enhance and add to the effectiveness of a standard paracetamol.

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