Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief + Whitening Toothpaste


Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief + Whitening Toothpaste

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Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief + Whitening Toothpaste is a clinically proven relief from the problem of tooth sensitivity. It is said to bring about a lasting relief by penetrating deep into the nerves. It specially designed formula gives a lasting and rapid relief from teeth sensitivity issues. This exclusive Pro-Argin? formulation is said to bring about instant relief by applying directly and lasting relief by brushing daily. Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief + Whitening Toothpaste is effective in soothing the nerve ends and building a protective shield to combat sudden pain attacks. With regular use this toothpaste ensures sensitivity protection on a fairly long-term basis. If your teeth are sensitive and experience pain every time you have hot or cold or sour or sweet food, you must start using Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief + Whitening Toothpaste regularly as this will act rapidly and desensitize the nerves and you can see the results within two weeks of regular use. This special formula maintains the naturally dazzling whiteness of your teeth. This low abrasive toothpaste is pretty effective in removing stains and restoring whiteness of teeth. It significantly inhibits the supra-gingival calculus formation.

You must consult your dentist if your teeth continue to be sensitive even after 30 days of regular use. Discontinue if the issue continues or worsens. This should be kept safely away from children. If reasonable amount is accidentally swallowed seek immediate medical intervention.

You must brush twice daily with this fluoride based toothpaste for long-term complete satisfaction and sensitivity relief. For instant relief from sensitivity pain, apply directly to the tooth concerned and massage gently for a minute or so.

Active elements are Potassium Citrate and also, Sodium Fluoride

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