Tyrozets Lozenges


Tyrozets Lozenges

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Tyrozets lozenges are a very popular and effective treatment for mouth irritations and sore throats. Their double-action formula contains an anaesthetic which numbs the throat ache, and an antibiotic which is able to fight infections.

Children above the age of 3 must not take any more than six lozenges in the span of a day. Adults should not take above 8 lozenges a day. Stay within stated dose. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Always read information leaflet before use. If you continue to see symptoms after five days, immediately consult a doctor. You should seek advice in case of pregnancy or breast-feeding women. Never use lozenges after the expiry date, keep out of reach of minors.

These lozenges are meant for children more than three years old, and adults. The classic dose for children is no more than six lozenges per day. For adults, this dosage changes to no more than eight lozenges in 24 hours. For oral use only. Use with discretion. Children must dissolve slowly in mouth before swallowing.

Every Tyrozets lozenge contains 5 milligrams of benzocaine, an anaesthetic, and 1 milligram of Tyrothricin, a polypeptide-antibiotic mixture which fights against germs. Other minor ingredients include sucrose.

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