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universal animal pak

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Universal Animal Pak is regarded as the best product in the category of Daily Multi-Vitamin Packs. This scientifically developed special formula is an amazing supplement that is meant to support demanding and rigorous training for professional power and strength athletes. This is especially designed by scientists to fuel rigorous fitness regimen. Professional athletes, dedicated power lifters and hard-core body builders depend on this supplement for enhancing endurance, increasing energy, promoting protein metabolism, supplying anabolic nutrients and for getting optimum results. It is an innovative and effective formula way ahead of others and provides you with the finest quality of nutrients ideally required for body building.

Consult a doctor before starting the consumption of Universal Animal Pak. You must know if you have any clinical issues. Seek expert advice if you are on some medication, getting ready for any medical procedure, nursing, pregnant, or planning a pregnancy. Better to discontinue or reduce intake of this product if undesirable reactions take place. This should not be given to individuals below 18 years of age. Store this product safely away from your pets and children. You may store Universal Animal Pak in a cool as well as dry place preferably away from the direct sunlight, heat or moisture.

You must use this as a dietary supplement. You should take a pack about half an hour after the meal just before your workout. Have it along with plenty of water. You may consume two packets per day for intense training or competitions.

Universal Animal Pak is a balanced composition with a blend of lyophilized amino acids, complex proteins, mega vitamins, and some vital training factors (like Inosine, Dibencozide, Choline, Protogen A and PAK). Each pak is said to contain a solid blend of cutting-edge mineral complexes, digestive enzymes, lipotropics, pre-workout high potency energizers, and branched-chain aminos. Animal Pak boasts of having performance optimizers namely pyridoxine alpha-ketoglutarate (PAK), lipotropics, carnitine, L-arginine, eleuthero, alpha lipoic acid and the like. 60 key ingredients are delivered in the correct proportions in this formulation. It contains absolutely no colors, artificial preservatives, starch or even sugar.

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